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If you would like to have a lean and muscular body with a six pack...

And look incredible every single day of the year while enjoying all of your favourite foods...

Then this is going to be the most important message you ever read.

How to Look Incredible Naked, 24/7

man looking in mirror

You look in the mirror one day, and realize you don't like what's looking back at you.

We've all done this.

You wake up one day, and look at yourself in the mirror long and hard. The person looking back at you isn't who you want to be.

You want the six pack with the v-line. You want bigger arms, bigger shoulders, and a wider chest. You want to look awesome, and you want it all.

You tell yourself, "this year, I'm going to eat everything in site, and bulk up". Your plan is to bulk up and add 20-30lbs onto your body. Then, you will cut down next summer... Only to reveal your abs, and your sweet gains you made over your bulk.

You bulk up and you just end up getting fat.

You bulk up and you just end up getting fat.

So you start eating  until you're uncomfortable and full. Your 4 pack becomes a 2 pack...which then becomes a 0 pack. You have to buy new pants because nothing fits. Your jaw line starts to morph into a double chin. You look like crap and you feel like crap. The only hope you have is for your upcoming cut.

After a few months (and 30 lbs later) you decide it's time to finally shed off that fat. So you cut down. The diet is hard. Restricting yourself from all your favourite foods is killing you. The only hope you have left is to reveal your gains from your bulk. You have a hard time getting a 4 pack, and even a harder time getting a six pack. This is a lot harder than you think. Once your cut is over, you realize that you only gained 1lb of muscle.

Definitely not worth it.  1 year later.  1lb of muscle gained. You looked fat all winter. You felt like crap, and then went on an uncomfortable cut, just to look OK.

Don't worry. It's not your fault.

With The Max Fit Lab, You Can:

  • Build muscle, lose fat, get a six pack, and get stronger.
  • Look awesome at the beach, or even compete in a physique show.
  • Stay on track without losing motivation.
  • Build your arms, legs, chest, shoulder, back, calves, six pack with the v-line, and the rest of your body in proportion.
  • Reduce bodyfat around midsection while gaining muscle.

If you’re tired of the routines you’re doing, and want the right exercise program, then this is it.

Get Started Now

Just Imagine...

You wake up one day and realize that it's the first of the month.

Today's the day that you get a new workout for the month.  It's like Christmas.

You log into the Max Fit Lab and download this month's workout.  You print it off, and take it to the gym.  You're excited because it's new, and you know the gains you get on this program are better than any programs you've done in the past.  The program is easy to stick to, because the anticipation of a new program each month is very motivating.

Each month, you lose more fat, and build more muscle.  You're getting stronger, and you feel like a beast in the gym.  The nutrition program is easy to follow, and you're able to go out on hot dates, family events, and dinners with friends, and eat whatever you want, because the nutrition program is flexible, but works.

Finally, you've found a balance in life where you look incredible, you're happy with your body, and you're able to attend social events, have a couple drinks, and enjoy the foods you love.

Meet Your Coach: Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist turned Fitness Professional. Because of this, he appreciates the science of helping people get jacked and lean.

Here are 4 things you should know about him:

  • 1

    He graduated Top 3 in his class with a Bachelor of Engineering.

  • 2

    He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems.

  • 3

    He has a Master's level nutrition certification.

  • 4

    He knows how to get results based on science and its applications.

Behind The Closed Doors Of The Max Fit Lab, You'll Learn:

  • A secret “back door” way of getting your body to incinerate fat, even while you eat nachos and watch Netflix.
  • How to get shredded eating ice cream, chocolate bars, and cinnamon buns while your friends get fat eating chicken salads.
  • How to lower your body fat percentage so that you’re more defined.
  • The proper way to “lean gain”.
  • Overload – the most important principle for building lean muscle.
  • What supplements are considered natural or steroids
  • Why you should never do long distance running after a lifting session.
  • How to get jacked by training 3-5 times per week.
  • The one exercise Vince Gironda (perhaps the greatest bodybuilding trainer of all time) used to build Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms – even though Arnold was dead set against using it before.
  • A secret way to build your legs that’ll feel like a third degree burn, but had muscle faster than anything you’ve ever tried.
  • How to use flexible dieting to lose fat and build muscle so that you can enjoy spending time with friends, family, and coworkers.
  • A scientifically proven way (discovered by the University of Tampa) to get leaner and stronger.
  • How lifting baby weights can get you jacked.
  • Four exercises you should never do if you want to keep making gains 3, 5, or even 10 years from now.
  • A sneaky way to add 10lbs to your bench press, without ever having to test your 1RM.
  • Eating clean foods makes you lean, right? Wrong.
  • How to ruthlessly chase a pump so insane, you’ll feel like barfing.
  • The real reason why Bulgarian split squats are a better leg exercise than back squats.
  • How to transform your body to look exactly how you want it to, without sacrificing your lifestyle.
  • The incredible bodybuilding secret (used by both Frank Zane and Chris Hemsworth) that lets you build muscle, even if you’re a skinny weak hardgainer.
  • 10 different ways to build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger.
  • How to stay lean 365 days per year while building muscle and getting stronger.
  • The #1 WORST mistake you can make with your diet. (Even if you do everything else right, your diet will fall apart if you make this common mistake that nobody talks about.)
  • How to trick your body into...

...Getting leaner and jacked while you sleep, and maintaining that “perfect” body forever.

Here's What Others Are Saying About JMax Fitness:

Using the JMax Fitness methods, I've reduced my body fat by probably 4kg in 2 months from an already quite lean and muscular 68 years old frame.

Stuart Fitton, Sydney, Australia

Using Jason's program, I have added muscle and strength, minimum 15% increase on lifts and I have dropped 8 lbs of fat and getting bodyfat% from 16 to 13.5% in a month.

Ryan, Kingston, Canada

Jason actually gives some great advise and comes across as one of us. I like his style.

Tony, Scalea, Italy

I've completed two full training blocks of Jason's programs, and I must say my chest and legs have seen some significant growth!! My strength has increased in my deads, squats and bench press. I actually really like doing squats and deadlifts now which i hated before. My confidence with squats and deadlifts has improved 100%. I for one had difficulty building the upper middle of my chest and with a few adjustments to my technique and I'm seeing the upper shelf developing more in the last 2 months than I have in the last year....simply amazing and excited as I keep progressing. For someone that has many years of experience this has been the best money spent!! Thank you, Jason for truly amazing programs.

Darren Little, Vancouver, Canada

Jason's program has revolutionized my training and helped me to lay a blueprint in my pursuit of having a body like Arnold.

Gaurav Dewan, St. John's, Canada

I appreciate the time and effort that Jason puts into his site to make sure that not only is it useful, but that he really tries to go the extra mile to answer everyone's questions with data to back him up. This is THE place to go for anything fitness related!

Gwendolyn V, Omaha, USA

I used the JMax Fitness method to make huge gains, and still eating whatever I wanted over the holidays. I tried Jason's programs for the first time in 2012. Long story short, I gained 12 pounds of muscle in just over 6 weeks (was down about 2 lbs of overall weight). Excellent program from an excellent trainer. Jason was able to answer any questions I had and helped modify the supplements and exercises to fit my needs. Love the program so much I recently started it again.

Tyler Allen, Hamilton, Canada

After training for years and not really seeing any significant results, Jason's program has pushed me on and now I'm finally seeing the progress I've always wanted. Great support and knowledge.

John, Birmingham, England

Nathan Lost 10.6% Body Fat in 6 Months

Here's What's Included In The Max Fit Lab:

  • 1

    Monthly Workout

    On the 1st of each month, you will get a new professionally designed and periodized workout. If your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger, then this workout is for you. The best part is, every month will feel like Christmas, because you'll be getting a new workout. Never again will you need to worry "which program should I do next". The Max Fit Lab is your next workout.
    There are workouts for people who train 3 times per week, 4 times per week, and 5 times per week, and each workout takes about 60 minutes to perform. You will need access to barbells, dumbbells, and cables.

  • 2

    The Only Nutrition Program You'll Ever Need

    You will use nutrition to dictate whether you are building muscle, or losing fat. Included in the nutrition section is a nutrition calculator that tells you how many calories, proteins, carbs, and fats to be eating daily. As a bonus, I've created a complete course teaching you how to use Flexible Dieting, how to track your macros (the easy way), how to choose your goal, my top recommended supplements, and much more.

  • 3

    Weekly Q&A

    Each week, we'll do a live Q&A in our private Facebook group answering your burning fitness questions. Because I receive hundreds of emails every single day and I'm not able to personally respond to each and every question, every single week, I tackle ONE or TWO Max Fit Lab Member questions in DETAIL as part of a weekly Q&A on the Max Fit Lab.
    Because I often receive similar questions from people around the world, and because you’ll get instant access to the ENTIRE Max Fit Lab Q&A Archives, there’s a good chance the question you’re tackling right now is covered.

  • 4

    Exercise Video Library

    The problem with most workout programs is that they don't show you how to do the exercise. With the Max Fit Lab, we've filmed every exercise you can think of and included it in an extensive video library. Any time you see an exercise in your workouts that you don't know, you can look it up in the library. The library works on any device with an internet connection.

  • 5

    Discount Codes To Make The Max Fit Lab 100% Free

    Included in the Max Fit Lab are discount codes for my recommended supplements and workout apparel. If you buy supplements on an ongoing basis, and you need new clothes every now and then the amount of money you'll SAVE with the discount codes will essentially make the Max Fit Lab 100% free. This means you'll get ongoing access, and your regular expenses will stay the say (or even decrease). You will also get 20% all JMax Fitness products.

Plus These Great Bonus Programs:

Upper Body Muscle

In Upper Body Muscle, you'll get the exact 4-week workout program that'll build a jacked upper body like celebrities Chris Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pratt. The program includes:

  • Component 1: Upper Body Muscle Main Manual
  • Component 2: Upper Body Muscle Workout Plan & Exercise Descriptions
  • Component 3: Upper Body Muscle Training Log Sheets
  • Bonus: Upper Body Muscle Nutrition Plan
  • 2X Muscle

    In Upper Body Muscle, you'll get the exact 4-week twice-a-day workout program that'll build muscle faster than anything you've ever tried. It's the same method that old-school drug-free bodybuilders and Bulgarian weightlifters have used to get bigger and stronger. The program includes:

  • Component 1: 2X Muscle Main Manual
  • Component 2: 2X Muscle Workout Plan & Exercise Descriptions
  • Component 3: 2X Muscle Training Log Sheets
  • Bonus 1: 2X Muscle Nutrition Plan
  • Bonus 2: 2X Muscle Supplement Plan
  • Take a Look Inside:

    Here's What Each Workout Looks Like, Month-By-Month

    Each month, you will train for a different strength based goal. You will either focus on building muscle, strength, or basebuilding (increasing your movement quality via strength and core training).

    You leanness is determined via the nutrition program in the Max Fit Lab.

    Here is what you can expect each month:

    • JAN

      Basebuilding & Movement Quality I

      The goal of this phase is to restore movement quality, core strength, and help prevent injuries. You will build a great base that will get you through the year pain free (hopefully), and allow you to make better progress than any other program. You will train in all rep ranges. Expect to lose some fat this phase.

    • FEB

      Basebuilding & Movement Quality II

      You will expand on the workout from January, increasing your weights and working a bit harder in the workouts (while improving core strength and mobility). Expect to lose fat this phase.

    • MAR

      Basebuilding & Movement Quality III

      This is the hardest and most rewarding Basebuilding phase. Expect to see yourself get much stronger, and increase your cardiovascular capacity while losing fat and building muscle.

    • APR

      High Rep Hypertrophy

      In this phase, you will make your muscles grow via higher reps. These workouts are more metabolically challenging on the muscles. This means that you’re training your muscles to be able to lift a weight for more reps (very powerful for muscle building). Expect to lose some fat in this phase as well.

    • MAY

      Strength Based Hypertrophy

      In this phase, you will be using heavy weights with low reps. The goal of this phase is to develop lots of tension and strength in the muscle. This means you’ll be able to lift more weight. More weight = more muscle growth and more calories burned. Training will start out light and build to a climax in the last week of May. Types of training: DUP, Reverse Pyramid Training, 5/3/1, Sheiko, Juggernaut

    • JUN

      Dirty Hypertrophy

      The goal of this phase is to push yourself and make a muscle grow. You will train in all rep ranges, and use intensity techniques such as rest pauses and drop sets. In June, we will focus on building muscle via the pump, and burn more calories to get you leaner in the process. Types of training: Mountain Dog, PHAT, Mi40, Mi40x, Hybrid Muscle Cycle etc.

    • JUL

      Strength Based Hypertrophy

      Again, this month you will be building muscle via strength. You'll get stronger this month, which will allow you to lift more weight in August and build more muscle. The intensity of this month isn't insane. It's more about building strength via simple and enjoyable workouts. The perfect summer workout.

    • AUG

      High Volume Hypertrophy

      The goal of this phase is to build muscle by increasing the number of sets and reps you perform on a certain exercise. In August, the workouts start light and eventually work up to being very intense in the last week. Types of training: German Volume Training, 8x8, 7x7 etc.

    • SEP


      The goal of this phase is to increase the strength and size of a certain body part. Common body parts are arms, chest, shoulder, back, legs. I will survey the Max Fit Lab and ask them which body part they want to specialize and then we'll work on that body part as a group. Previous specialization routines have included arms, chest, and shoulders.

    • OCT

      Strength Based Hypertrophy

      In this phase, you'll be building muscle and strength by lifting heavy weights. We will start at a moderate intensity and then build to a climax at the end, pushing your limits and setting PR's (personal records).

    • NOV


      This is another phase where the Max Fit Lab votes on a weak body part to bring up in size and strength. We will really push it hard and force it to grow.

    • DEC

      Dirty Hypertrophy (Decembulk)

      In this phase, it's all about building the muscle and getting it to grow. This phase has it all. Getting a great pump in the muscle. Building strength and explosiveness. Burning tons of calories. The goal is to work very hard so that when the holidays roll around, the holiday foods you eat will be used for recovery instead of going towards getting fat. This is VERY powerful.

    Proof That The Max Fit Lab Is Amazing Value

    For everything you get in the Max Fit Lab, here's what you'd expect to pay if you were buying everything separately:

    Monthly professionally periodized workout program to build lean muscle, shred fat, and get stronger.

    Value: $200 Per Month

    Personalized macronutrient calculations, flexible dieting guidance, and dietary supplementation plan.

    Value: $200 Per Month

    A comprehensive guide on how to track macronutrients and adjust your diet so that you lose fat or build muscle on command.

    Value: $50 Per Month

    Complete exercise video library showing you how to do almost every exercise known to man.

    Value: $100 Per Month

    Private Facebook community with weekly Q&A

    Value: $30 Per Month

    Discount codes on products that you're already buying, including supplements, workout clothing, beauty products, and JMax Fitness products.

    Value: $20 Per Month

    Having 100% control over how your body looks and feels.

    Value: Priceless

    Total Value: $600 Per Month

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    Cancel Anytime - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    The Max Fit Lab will give you results, and investing in it today is a no-brainer.  Try it out for 60 days and if you aren’t happy then just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

    You can also cancel at any time.  There is no tie in or contract, you are free to cancel at any time.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    + Can I cancel at any time? +

    Yes, you can.

    For each membership option you will be charged an initial payment today and the price mentioned, followed by monthly recurring payments until you wish to cancel. There is no tie in or contract, you are free to cancel at any time.

    + Does the Max Fit Lab work for women? +

    Yes it does.  It works for men and women who want to get lean, build muscle, and get stronger.

    + Does the Max Fit Lab work for people over 40? +

    Yes, it works for people over 40.  The beauty is that the program in structured in a way that allows all people to recover and respond.  3 phases out of the year, we focus on bulletproofing your body and injury prevention, so you will have years of progress to come.

    + How many times per week will I train? How long are workouts? +

    In the Max Fit Lab, workouts are designed for people who train 3 days per week, 4 days per week, or 5 days per week.  Each workout takes about 60 minutes to perform.

    + Can I do these workouts at home? +

    Yes, but you will need equipment.  You will need barbells, dumbbells, and cables.

    + What workout equipment does the Max Fit Lab use? +

    You will need barbells, dumbbells, and cables.  All of these should be available at your local gym.

    + Do you show me how to perform the exercises properly? +

    Yes, there are video links to every exercise, showing you how to perform them properly so that you don't get hurt.

    + Is the program complicated to follow? +

    No, it's pretty simple.  The videos on each page show you want to do, so you don't need to worry about having any troubles.  If you do have a question, you can always ask it for the Q&A.

    + What are the shipping costs? +

    There are no shipping costs.  The Max Fit Lab is a completely digital VIP membership site.  After logging in, you get immediate access.  No shipping saves you money.

    + How do I get access? +

    Upon payment, you will automatically be redirected to the page to create your account.  Once your account is activated, you will then be sent to the login page.  Once you login, you will have immediate access to the Max Fit Lab.

    + Can I access it on my Mac, PC, iPad, smart phone, or any other device? +

    Yes, the site is online, so you can log on with any device that has access to the internet.

    + What if I don't like the Max Fit Lab? +

    I know that you will love this program since hundreds of people from around the world have already joined and implemented it. However, if you aren’t happy with the Max Fit Lab, you can cancel at any time (there is no contract), and I offer a 60 day money back guarantee. I want you to get results and joining today should be a no-brainer for you.

    + I live in a different part of the world, how do I join the Max Fit Lab? +

    The Max Fit Lab is a digital website containing programs in PDF and software available for instant download.
    You can view it on your computer or your favorite device.

    If you don’t join the Max Fit Lab, how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today?

    If you don’t join the Max Fit Lab today and you choose not to let it help you build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger and make big changes in your life, then how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today? The answer is: it’s not, you’ll still be spinning your wheels.

    Investing in yourself today will deliver the foundation necessary to make EVERYTHING in your life come easier and faster -- including that killer physique you’re striving for.

    If you're not lean, jacked, and strong, you won't be happy with how you look with or without clothes. You'll feel slow, weak, and you won't be reaching your potential playing sports with your friends or even feel strong moving around the living room furniture for that special someone.

    Because of this, I’m giving you “My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” to allow you to get more fit and confident.  Thanks to my clients, test subjects, and proven science, I know that this simple program works.  Join me RISK-FREE today.

    Finally, It's Time To Love The Way You Look

    Join the Max Fit Lab Risk Free Today


    "Since joining the Max Fit Lab, I've fired my personal trainer.  The value is so good, and the workouts and nutrition are designed by a pro, so it was a no brainer for me.  I'll be a part of the Max Fit Lab for the rest of my life.  Very happy customer right here."

    - James D, New York City, USA